How to Be Really Alive! Art Print
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How to Be Really Alive! Art Print

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This poster and poem is about being the Miracle you really are – and really LIVING in this life! It includes all the ways I encourage myself and others to BE really alive, and wake up to the miracles all around us. We deserve to feel rich without money and to let money appear by being WHO we really are.

Let these words support you in asking for and receiving miracles, and give yourself the gift of being REALLY alive.

A beautiful, thick, glossy, color saturated 11×14 print ready for display right now!
They look great framed, or unframed.

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It’s with GREAT HONOR that I present to you 16 poems – 16 creations of art and life – to inspire you and those you love! These words and art have transformed and keep transforming my life, and I know they’ll do the same for you. I know these posters are as relevant and powerful today as they were when I wrote them originally, and I look forward to hearing the many Miracle Stories that these posters will bring to your lives!
With deep gratitude and appreciation!

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