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Planet SARK

Creative Dreamer's Card Deck

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This deck of brightly colored, watercolor-style cards brings you 50 simple ways to practice more self-love and “Creatively Dream.” These are new ways of looking at subjects such as time, love and money, as well as support for our “splendid imperfections.” Each delightFULL, wonderFULL, 2-sided Creative Dream card is a generous 6″x 4″and is a reminder of living exuberantly and joyFULLY, especially when you feel stuck or crabby. It only takes a second to shift to a new place.

The cards help give you permission to “Be How You Actually Are.” Draw a card randomly…and let serendipity guide you in gaining a new perspective. Remember, it only takes a second to shift to a new place!

Some of the sample messages include:

  • Loving is the whole point
  • LOVE IMPERFECTLY…Keep surprise close at hand…Make lots of mistakes…Be willing to live in between right and wrong.
  • You are always on your way to a miracle.
  • Love is felt in all directions.
  • Invite someone dangerous to tea…Let’s share outrageous stories and eat delicious cake
  • The tiniest story in your life can touch another you cannot know
  • The more naps you take, the more money you make.
  • Plus there are even cards to give…and uplift family, friends and clients…and to post at your office, or leave here and there to brighten up the world.

I’ve designed these 50 whimsical cards to show you how to live a more spontaneous life.

I can’t exactly share all of the delightfull gems of wisdom, wonderment, and inspiration on these cards, but I can tell you that they will genuinely make you feel wonderFULL and happy. These cards are joy, warmth and laughter in a box! They tell you of things you always perhaps knew, but just forgot in the day to day chaos that is life.